Back in town, but it's almost as hot here -- 91 is the high today. Still, I was able to paint the walls "Cajon Tan" which is a little lighter than the brown sandstone floor. I've got some things on the honey-do list, but I hope to start on the benchwork soon. I was going to do a wrap-around backdrop first, but with the double decks, it'll be too dificult to determine where the horizons should be until after the sub-roadbed is down. Once that is done, I can do the wrap-around backdrop.

I figure the sky blue will look great against the tan walls. This composite photo is from the last layout, but it shows what I'm thinking about doing.

I took a full-size print-out of the layout and put it down on the garage floor. This real-life test showed a couple of tweaks that I need to work out, but overall it looks great. Here is the shopping list: 420 feet of flex track (about $1/foot); 7 large right turnouts ($15 each); 10 large left turnouts ($15 each); 16 medium right turnouts ($13.50); 14 medium left turnouts ($13.50); 2 small left turnouts and two small right turnouts ($12 each). Do the math and that's almost a grand!

I would stress over that (and my wife would to), but I have friends who spend thousands on boats or ATVs, or drinking and raising hell. Sherry will always know where I'm at, and I don't know of anyone who has broken an arm or drowned playing trains!


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