Been a rough week with the fires here in Southern California. I've been on standby with the County's Emergency Operations Center, so I've stuck close to home. An old friend lost her home in Julian, with the only saving grace being that the fire crews were able to use her water tank to save her neighbor's home. I have a coworker that has(?) a cabin up in Arrowhead, and I haven't found out yet if it's still standing. There is a lot of finger pointing going on, but Southern California ecosystems are based upon fire ecology. Back to trains, I printed out several dozen photos of the prototype backgrounds so I could use them for inspiration for painting the backdrops on the layout. I've taped them to the top of the backdrops and in so doing, stuck my head into the ceiling fan again. I'm really having to rethink that whole ceiling fan thing. With the layout being armpit height, every time I climb onto a stool I'm getting a haircut. I'll probably take the fans out and go with oscillating fans in the corners.


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