Well, I spent several hours today working on the layout. After the last work day with Wayne and Drew, I had decided to go with the Woodland Scenics foam for the grades. This turned out to be pretty expensive, but the math and engineering on the alternatives was driving me crazy! It's not that easy to do cookie cutter on a 500 square-foot layout.

It cost $110 for the foam just to do the UP line, BUT the grades are perfect. Since I plan on keeping this layout for ten years or more, perfect grades seem worth the expense.

The InterMountain tunnel motors are starting to hit the shelves and I expect mine in the mail soon. The buzz has been mixed on these. Some comments about thick glue lines, distorted details, and headlight locations. Much of the noise seems to be coming from the usual rivet counters. That is not a concern of mine, unless they are poor runners. I've got a Cotton Belt, a Southern Pacific and a Union Pacific on order. My roster was light for the UP tracks, and with the UP trademark crap going on, I figured I better get some while I can. If I don't like them, I can always sell them on eBay. They're already getting about $20 more than I paid for mine.


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