Finally, someone who knows what they're talking about has posted news and not just speculation on the opening of the fire closure area at Cajon Pass:

In Cajon Pass, There were (2) Forest Orders authorizing temporary closures. Louisianna and BlueCut fires in 2002 closed all of the railfanning areas and have been lifted. That F.O. order prevented human entry into the closure area.

The Grand Prix / Old Fires of October 2003 reburned portions of the same area (more towards the 215/15 split) and a new Forest Order was issued to help with rehab efforts and expires in December 2004 at which time the Forest Service can renew for one more year. This Forest Order only prevents motorized vehicles.

This year, after several years of drought, low fuel moisture and low humidities, the lower elevations now are at risk and a decision was made to close those areas. Remember that the fire danger level can change and either additional areas will be closed or opened.

On the USFS website: you will find two maps a small one for dial up and an 11 page (4.6mb) for high speed internet. If there are any changes I will update the USFS webpage to reflect the additional closures. At some point I plan to add a page that includes the Forest Orders so the public can review the specific language in the Forest Orders.

I apoligize for taking this slightly off topic. Remember to look, listen and live.

John Miller
Office of Public Affairs
San Bernardino National Forest
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