Santi and I spent Friday in one heck of a Cajon adventure. We went to Cajon Station, Sullivan's Curve, Drawbar Flats, Mormon Rocks, Alray and the tunnels, the other side of the tunnels, Hill 582, Summit, Del Taco, Drawbar Flats, Goat Hill, Sullivan's Curve, the top of Sullivan's Rock, Cajon Station, Keenbrook, Blue Cut, Flat tire, Swarthout, Mormon Rocks and gone.

So what's with the goat, you ask? Well, as we headed up the road to what should be known as Goat Hill, we encountered a jet black pigmy goat. If there was ever a definition for couger bait, this goat was it. We tried for several minutes to catch her, but she wouldn't cooperate. Now I'm haunted by dreams of an eviscerated goat carcass on a fire road.


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