In my last post, I said there hadn't been a lot of work on the layout lately, and that hasn't changed. We had a week of incredible rains, and Prado Dam did it's job of backing the water up into the wildlife preserve behind our house. Usually, I can walk across Temescal Creek (150 yards behind my house) by hopping across about three rocks. At the peak of the storm, I couldn't throw a rock across the narrowest point. The water has receded now, and we have dozens of Snowy Egrets enjoying the feast of frogs and dead things. You can see the woods that are my back yard wildlife preserve at the top of this photo.

I took advantage of the MLK holiday to head up to the Pass and try to find my Mojo again. As this photo from Santi's website shows, it was absolutely gorgeous up there. Many ephemeral springs were flowing and there were animal tracks everywhere. Mondays are always slow on the Pass, but I managed to see a few trains before heading home.


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