It seems I've been stuck in my recliner for the last week or so. Can't seem to get motivated to work on anything I can't do with a DVD playing. Blame it on this head cold, or too much work, who cares. Anyway, I've managed to catch up on some work on the web sites.

Bill Messecar is a long time member of the Cajon Pass group. He's put together a history of the Corona Packinghouses which I assembled on a web page for the Corona Model Railroad Society. He's coming out on the 27th to check out relics of the Elsinore Branch as research for a future layout. I snuck out for a couple hours yesterday and found the remnants of five old bridges along the right-of-way.

While doing some other research on the history of the Cajon Group, I stumbled onto a great website by Richard D. Thompson, which includes a history of the Toll Road through Cajon Pass. On the site, there is a portion of an 1875 Los Angeles and Independence Railway map through the Pass. There are some nice photos of the ranches that eventually became the places we know and love today.

I was saddened to learn that the owner of Joe's Cafe in Devore has sold the place to a new owner. I'm bummed. Not so much because of his apparent (and well deserved) retirement, but the fact that he got away without a send off from the regulars. I hope he knows how much we valued his fine establishment. I hope the new guy can do chorizo and eggs like Joe did.

As for today, well it's Super Bowl Sunday. I gotta stay in the recliner for that!


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