Tis season

`Tis the Season

It has begun. December is almost here and I can pretty much kiss off any quality time with the layout. All day long, Sherry has been sending me calendar dates for this party and that. I can't wait for the mandatory "white elephant" gift exchanges.

This led me on a quest looking for horrible railroad gifts. I believed the worst was this Precious Moments railroad crossing sign, but then Stan sent me this link to an auction he was sure I'd be interested in. If you read the listing, when the owner died in 1969, they put it away in a box. I'm not sure if they meant the dead guy or the sweater, but I'm pretty sure the sweater contributed to the death. After all, he was a real railroad conductor, and if I know Rails, I can bet they gave him a ton of crap when he showed up wearing that thing -- But guys, my wife made me wear it!With that same sense of compassion for my fellow man, you can understand how I much I enjoyed reading how this guy thinks that the work he does cleaning up railroad slides to scan for his web page is like the work Jesus does cleaning up souls. Must be Archbishop of the Church of Eastman Kodak.


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