Stopping my foot pain!

I am not getting any younger and my feet are not what they used to be.  It's pretty darn hard chasing after the trains especially on your feet....I have been getting foot pain and cramps in my feet recently which has really put the stoppers on my days out on the railroads with my friends, in this post I am gonna try and stop this pain in its tracks, pun intended!

When I go train spotting it maybe really fun but it can really take the toil on my feet and recently I have been getting some real pain as I walk on the ball of my feet... As my foot hits the ground the ball of my feet slaps down and as the day goes on and I have walked and been on my feet all day this can really start hurting, not only that being on my feet really start causing the build up of pressure underneath my arches and my heels as my body weight pressed down on my feet and this weakens and makes injury more likely.
A week ago I went camping with a few friends and my feet after a coupe hours walking and standing around were really inflamed it was then I decided I needed to do something about it (one of my friends mentioned that if you ignore things like this the damage that is caused can cause things like arthritis when you older). I have been looking online and there looks as though there are lots of things I can try to stop my foot pain but there are so many... too many insoles and pads that you can buy, which is making me a little bit stumped on what I actually need and what will help me best, as different products help different causes of foot pain. I have read on some sites that custom insoles (which are really really expensive) are your best bet but then I read other sites that look just a official saying that research has proven that custom insoles yield no extra benefit from wearing them and may actually cause your feet to weaken even more as your feet become over supported and dependent on them and dont actually support themselves. I think at the moment I am buying into the notion of custom insoles are no good... but that being said there are still tons of soles out there to buy and its still a minefield when you dont know what to get.

Currently I am thinking of buying some special arch support soles runners use.. even though I dont run around chasing the trains on my days out I think they might be the best ones for me to get... because they have just about everything built into them from arch support to shock absorption that I need to stop the shocks hurting my ball of feet when I walk which I mentioned above... In fact I might just order some right now. Do you think these are any good? They have some good reviews and seem exactly what I am looking for? If i am wrong they not too expensive and I guess id just need to buy and try as many as it takes to find some that helps.. unless you know any good ones?

Do you think I am on the right track with buying insoles? I cant think of anything else I can do or buy to stop this foot pain... Please comment below and tell me! Thanks!


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