My buddy Wayne came over today to help on the layout. We got quite a bit done, installing all the masonite backdrops. After he left, I sanded and painted the blue on about two-thirds of the backdrops. I would've finished the blue, but the glue was still drying on the portion from Blue Cut to Silverwood. Right before he got there I had a pretty dramatic accident as I climbed a ladder and stuck my head into the spinning ceiling fan! It swung out of control, and into the rolled up garage door, bending one of the blades. My hard head survived the blow.

Tonight, I worked out the elevations and grades for the layout. They are imortalized below. These elevations are from the top of the benchwork base.

Devore: 0"
Cajon: 2.25" BNSF WB/EB (2%); 3.5" UP (3%)
SR 138: 4.75" BNSF WB (3%); 4.75" BNSF EB (<3%); 6.5" UP (2%)
Silverwood: 8" BNSF WB (3%); 8.25" BNSF EB (3%); 9" UP (2%)
Summit: 9.25" BNSF WB (3%); 9.25" BNSF EB (<3%)
Hivolt: 9.25" UP (2%)
Colton: 0" UP (4%)


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