I've posted the latest trackplan here. It was a little scary to inventory and price out these things at over $800 with 38 twin-coil switch machines.
10 Kato Unitrack 20-035 Bumper C 2
20 Peco-55 InsulFrog SL-E388F Large Right
12 Peco-55 InsulFrog SL-E389F Large Left
2 Peco-55 InsulFrog SL-E391F Small Right
2 Peco-55 InsulFrog SL-E392F Small Left
1 Peco-55 InsulFrog SL-E395F Medium Right
1 Peco-55 InsulFrog SL-E396F Medium Left
4229" Peco-55 Flex Track (109 Pieces)

My buddy Jake joked about Monday's post and said I would end up with a cornfield meet when I tried to run that many trains. Spoken like a true ex-railroader with a beer keg in his living room!

Today I got an email from Ted York. We've been talking about which tracks on the Pass have concrete ties. His great Cajon Pass layout is featured at his web site.


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