I spent a lot of time looking at the Cajon Pass layouts of Bill Pearce and Otto Kroutil as featured in the 1999 Model Railroad Planning. I've learned a lot from these two examples, and was especially inspired by Otto's version of the San Bernardino station and yards. With Otto's version as my guide, I developed a new plan for the San Bernardino end of the layout.

This version allows through-trains at San Bernardino, plus fits in a lot of yard tracks as well. Most importantly, it provides an entry into the station that more closely matches the original. I was also inspired to make the UP tracks south of Keenbrook a loop that connects to the Palmdale Cutoff above Silverwood. This will allow a UP train to run continuously and unattended, while the BNSF tracks are run normally. The Metrolink trains also run automatically, so with only one operator, I can easily have three or even four trains running at once.


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