This is Model Railroading

It doesn't matter what scale you're interested in, this is model railroading. Half a world away, in Germany, these eight guys get together, talk trash, and play with trains. Exactly what we do in the N-Land Pacific Group.

We've been sharing some emails, despite the language barrier. Bernd (second from the right) has asked to join our Group. He writes, "I must admit that I have fun provoking these guys (at Free-moN) just as Ed ;-) but that´s not my intention in your group. Most time I would be a 'passive' member. When I come to California, I will bring you some bottles of dark beer, so we can practice 'drink´n´drive."

Except for the driving part, that sounds great to me.


Bernd said...

Hi Ed,

with "drink'n'drive" I meant "drink and operate model trains" but not driving a car!

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