Get to work

Apparently tired of being the primary workers at the N-Land Pacific Work Day, Jeff and I cruised while Bob and Stan did most of the work. Here Jeff has donned the BNSF Supervisor's helmet and directs Bob and Stan in the scratch-building of a hangar for Stan's new helibase module.

If you read the bucket, it says "I can't Believe it's not Butter!" and that's not a big leap. Here Stan is spreading the sanded grout we all use for soil on our modules. This new module is going to be pretty cool. There is going to be a farm house on top of the hill, with a palm-lined driveway going down to a rural road. On the other side of the tracks from the hill will be farm land and a crop-dusting helibase.

I spent the day working on some miscellaneous projects, some module legs, and fixing the broken scenery on El Gato. Another great day in the garage. Thanks guys!


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