Only 17 Months to Go

The National Model Railroad Association will be having their 2008 convention in Southern California, July 13-19th.

Prior to the tearing down of the Cajon layout, I was asked to participate by having my layout included in the layout tours. Once I had torn it down, I was told by several folks that the tours were a year-and-a-half away, and that I needed to get my butt in gear so I would be ready for the show. Just the motivation I need.

The N-Land Pacific group was also invited to attend the National Train Show by setting up a modular layout. At Saturday's monthly breakfast meeting, we decided against displaying our modules at the Train Show. Instead, the modules will be incorporated into the layout tour at my home. I think this is a great opportunity to show how home layouts and modular layouts can work together, and may inspire others to do the same. The group also believes it is a great opportunity to hang out at the pool and drink margaritas in between tour buses!


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