On Saturday night, Wayne and his wife, plus Drew and his family came over for dinner. It was a great chance to thank them for the hard work on the layout. It was also a great chance to start laying tack! We got the entire UP Blue Cut power district laid. I hooked it up to the power bus on Monday and ran a train through the district. Last night, I got industrious after work and laid the track in the UP Dike district, meaning that as of right now, half the UP tracks are down and working. If I can hurry, maybe I'll have my Union Pacific tracks completed for my own May 10th GREAT EVENT!

Wayne got me a great little ATSF MoW gondola, plus I've got some other MoW cars. I've been thinking about getting an MoW track cleaning car and putting together a Maintenance of Way train to keep at Cajon and bring out for track cleaning.


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