So the anniversary of the Union Pacific's completion of the transcontinental railroad is May 10th. On May 10, 2004, at 12:04 AM EST, I completed the UP loop on my layout. The first train to make the loop was a UP Tunnel Motor, pulling a bare-table train that clothes-lined at Mormon Rocks. I tried it again with a manifest train and it was no problem. Looks like I'll need to stick with short cars on that route. That was the first problem. Then I noted a short when I threw a turnout. Looks like I used the wrong turnouts! I used Electrofrog turnouts when I should've used Insulfrog. Urgh! The Wiring for DCC site shows how I can fix it. It's worth a try, otherwise it's rip them out and try again. On the bright side, it was great watching trains going around the layout. It took two minutes and fifteen seconds for the train to make the UP circuit. Oh yeah, the third thing to go wrong is the power outlet on this laptop computer just smoked! I'm going to bed!


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