Cool campfire

I remember paying six bucks for a single LED and seeing a model campfire effect circuit for $36. Now, LEDs are everywhere, and are so cheap they are almost disposable. Here is a case in point. GE sells these "tea lights" for under two bucks each. It uses three of the button batteries (included) and a circuit that makes it flicker.

I bought one of these, dissected it, and I'm convinced I will be using it on a model. It was easy to cut off that plastic flame and the outer case with some wire cutters. Inside is a circuit board smaller than a postage stamp, a slide switch, a battery compartment and an orange LED. The circuit melts down with more than 3 VDC, but rewiring it to an AA battery should make a flame that will last for at least a week. A quick touch with a soldering iron and the orange LED could be replaced with a white LED for a welding effect. Not bad for two bucks.


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