The Train Show

The guys from the N-Land Pacific met for breakfast this morning and then headed over to the train show in Anaheim. I'm pretty sure that was my last public train show ever. It was the same Tyco trash on cookie sheets that I've seen for years, and I had to pay $7 for the privilege.

The people attending the show continue to inbreed and apparently somewhere in the evolution, they stopped bathing. It would have been more fun to do a tractor-pull with some of the dozens of electric wheelchairs that took turns ramming my ankles.

Andy and I split after just an hour and headed across the street to Disneyland. The highlights of the day included talking the tram dude into letting Andy do the spiel (Driver, we're all clear), getting a WPM DVD from Bob and Jeff, and trading El Gato to Robert for a Maxi-Stack. You can check out a four minute edit I did of the DVD here.


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