Petticoat Junction

Today, we had a work day in the garage for the N-Land Pacific guys. Bob and Jeff visited for a few minutes, but then headed home to finish a bathroom remodel. Stan and I spent a couple hours working on a new module for him, and then after lunch Steve showed up. As usual we had a blast, and talked a lot of trash. My favorite line of the day was classic: "It sounded like someone was f------ a cat. It was with his finger, but that is still wrong."
Stan had asked me about Tyco trains, so after dinner, I did a search for Tyco images. I saw the image on the right from Petticoat Junction, and it hit me.

I flashed back to the image on the left of Jeff and Bob at a previous work day in the garage.

I'm sure they'll hate me for posting it, but damn, it looks to me like they came from the same gene pool.


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